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Squad Sessions

28th July 2013

Sunday 28th July saw the first squad session take place.

The aim of the squad sessions is so people have the opportunity to play a good standard of tennis with a regular partner in preparation for playing in the teams.

The squad sessions currently take place on a Sunday morning at 10am, where everyone will play 3 half an hour matches and try to win the most games in that time.
A record of the number of games won by each person will be kept and after a period of time the person with the most will win something!

The sessions are open to any men or ladies who are interested in playing in the senior teams, who already play in the teams, or simply want to play a good standard of tennis on a regular basis.

To be involved or for more information please contact Simon Hill, if you wish to attend a squad session you must let Simon know the Friday before by 5pm so he can arrange an order of play.

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