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Membership 2020

To apply for membership - Click to download your Membership form for the 2020 Season.
Please print out the form and complete and sign as appropriate and return it to:
Christine Devereux, 4 Codlin Rd, Hutton Rudby, TS15 0LB

If subscriptions are not paid by 1st May of the current season it will be assumed that you do not wish to renew your membership and you will be deemed not to be a member of the club.

Our membership prices for the current sesaon are as follows:

Family Membership £160.00
Joint Membership (per ADULT) £149.00
Adult Membership £99.00
Young Adult 25 and under
Country membership (+50 miles from Club) £30.00
Student (18+ in FT Education) £45.00
Junior 'A' (9 to Under 18 on 1st April 2017) £45.00
Junior 'B' (Under 9 on 1st April 2017) £23.00
Ceiling for Family + students £210.00
Social membership (per ADULT) £5.00


Family membership – 2 adults who are 18 and over living at the same address, plus children under 18 on 1st April of the current season.

Student membership – resident at home, apart from term time

***Before playing a league match all team members must be bona fide club members. ***

Visitors must be accompanied by an adult member and pay a fee of £5.00 for an adult over 25, £3.00 for Adults under 25 and £2.00 for a junior.

Visitors may play a maximum of 3 times before they must become a member.